Real-time Analytics

Discover how your product, brand or campaigns are trending in social media

Report & Visualization

Understand the effectiveness of your campaigns by building reports on historical trends for specific hash tags

TV, News Media Impact

Gauge success of TV, radio, and other media ads by correlating airtime and publishing schedules with social media activity

Predicting Trends

Employing machine learning and cognitive services to social media data

Insight into Social Media Campaigns

Multi-tenant UI branding options available

Full responsive

Compatible with all mobile devices bringing a research lab to your phone or tablet


Graphical, Statistical and Geovisualization representations of data



Phone and mail alerts triggered by media activity

Machine Learning

Train models to predict social media response

Customize your Dashboard for Effective Analysis

Configure Analysis Interfaces for you and your team.

Build Custom Reports

Build and export reports for print, email and presentations


Share Analysis

Create a team environment within the dashboard to share analysis and reports.

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